Autonomous Future

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It’s the year 2035. Autonomous cars have become commonplace and have had unexpected impacts on modern culture. As we learned to trust self-driving cars with our lives, trust in corporations has grown.

Like most software developers, Lucas Trent works hard to produce effective, efficient software. But he dreams of doing more. Artificial Intelligence (AI) has advanced to a point of impending evolution and Lucas needs to be a part of it.

The corporate superpower, Korelucent, provides most of the technology hardware and software in both government and public sectors. The corporation also builds the leading edge AI Lucas is eager to be involved in.

When given an offer he can’t refuse, this sportbike racing developer joins Korelucent and finds a new technology far too advanced for any one corporation. He also discovers a hidden agenda so big he can’t trust anyone. Enlisting the help of his Marine brother, a team forms endeavoring to stay one step ahead of Mark Holt, CEO of Korelucent.

As Korelucent’s new technology comes online, entire countries fall under the corporation’s power. Will Lucas and team be fast enough to stop the growing company before its control becomes too great?

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